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Free MDI Image Viewer


Free MDI Image Viewer is a free viewer for MDI images, it can directly open and view *.mdi files, help ordinary users to view the MDI image files without Microsoft Office software.

This software also supports image format conversion, it can convert MDI image to other common image formats, such as JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and TIFF image format.





MDI Image Format

MDI format file is an image format from Microsoft Office, this format can save the image in the page layout-based Tag Image File Format (TIFF), with Microsoft Office Document Imaging, you can open and save files by using MDI format or TIFF format, these two formats can be stored along with the images identified by optical character recognition (OCR).

MDI Image vs. TIFF Image

Although many other graphics applications can open or edit TIFF files, but only Office Document Imaging can open and edit MDI files. For the same pictures, MDI image files are smaller than TIFF image files, and MDI images fidelity enhancement.

License (Freeware)

This software is a completely freeware, free for personal use.